NYPL: a pop of red

There are many places in Manhattan that always guarantee a good OOTD shot. The New York Public Library is undeniably one of those places. The NYPL will always be a beloved spot amongst the blogger community because of its simplicity. The marble backdrop brings definition to any outfit, especially when there is color involved. That is where this story came about. We knew we wanted to utilize the marble backdrop to bring out a pop of color. The color we chose was red because it has been the color that we’ve gravitated to the most this season.

My entire look is centered around my leather jacket that I bought at at Zara for $69! I knew that I needed to share this purchase on the blog because I still can’t believe that I found this jacket for that price. Trust me, I did a double take. I knew that if I wanted to pair my leather jacket with my black leather skirt from Ruby and Jenna, I needed to soften up my look a bit. So, I wore my new sheer striped blouse from Vanilla Sky to bring a feminine touch to this edgy look. I’m leather obsessed right now though, so I added a black leather obi belt from Amazon. I finished off my look with black sheer tights that I bought from CVS. 

xx Samantha

The library’s marble exterior was my inspiration behind this look. I knew that I wanted to compliment the shades of the building, so I wore my linen and leather blazer from Zara. I paired my blazer with my black strapless culotte jumpsuit from Zara. This jumpsuit is actually one of my favorite basics in my closet. I highly recommend investing in a black culotte jumpsuit or just black culotte pants. They’re so versatile and can be dressed down or up for any occasion in any season. Plus, they instantly make you look like a cool French girl and who doesn’t want that? I really loved how the height of my jumpsuit complimented the height of my elevated booties from Charles & Keith. We’re obsessed with elevated booties this season… I think we might even dedicate a whole blog post on it because when we’re obsessed, we’re obsessed. For my pop of color, I chose these dope statement earrings from Urban Outfitters. I also added another shade of red through my lipstick which is Nars Audacious in the color Charlotte. It just shows how such a small pop of color can bring an entire look to life. I finished up my look with my essential black leather crossbody from Rebecca Minkoff. 

xx Janet 


33 thoughts on “NYPL: a pop of red

  1. You look fabulous in the jumpsuit. Love the way you paired it with the leather jacket and those earrings are a must have !!! They are so cute & would be a great gift for any fashionista 🙂
    xx, gracie


  2. You girls look fabulous!! OMG! And how awesome is it that you both run a blog. I wish I had a partner, lol.
    Samantha: That $69 leather jacket is amazing. It’s so versatile and chic and pairs with anything!
    Janet: Those earrings really drew me in! Love a pop of red. And that strapless culotte? To die for!!!


  3. You two are a fabulous team and although I lived in NY in my younger years I obviously wasn’t into blogging back then and any location tips are much appreciated for my next visit and the NYC Public Library seems perfect!


  4. I have been wanting to get a red leather jacket for the longest time and I absolutely love this one! Thank you for sharing you pared it perfectly with an all black look.



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