Elevate your (boot) style

The easiest way to elevate your winter wardrobe this year is to literally elevate the height of your boots. All of our favorite shoe brands have incorporated this style after the success of the Yeezy season 3 ‘Sock Boot.’ Since we all can’t afford $890 (notoriously uncomfortable) boots, we decided to dedicate an entire blog post on helping you find your perfect pair. Trust us, these shoes are one of the most versatile pieces that you will invest in all winter. elevated-booties

pictured above is the Vince Camuto ‘Sendra bootie’ not available online but still available in select stores 

We have elevated booties both in suede and in leather. The suede booties that we both have, which is pictured above, is from Vince Camuto. These booties in particular have a really nice fit to the ankle and are extremely comfortable.


We’ve been incorporating this trend in our outfits since the beginning of fall. We loved how the length complimented our wrap dress in our ‘wrapped up in fall’ story. We’ve noticed that the length of the booties helps transition our summer pieces into our fall wardrobe. nypl-2

pictured above is the ‘High Calf Boots’ from Charles & Keith. Available online 

The Charles & Keith booties that we have is a mixture of knit and leather. The top part which is an extremely tight fit is made from a knit material. The rest of the bootie is leather and has a wooden heel. This bootie was featured in our ‘NYPL: a pop of red’ story. We paired this bootie with a culotte. The unconventional length of a culotte paired perfectly with the modern length of these booties.

We incorporated some links below to help you find your perfect elevated bootie for this winter just like we did! Hope you find your perfect match.


Samantha & Janet





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