Master Palette by Mario: love at first swatch


We have been waiting for this palette for a really, really long time. When Mario Dedivanovic announced that he was collaborating with Anastasia Beverly Hills on a new eyeshadow palette, we knew that we needed this palette even before the shades were released. For those who don’t know, Mario is the makeup artist behind all of your favorite models, pop stars and actresses. He is best friends with Kim Kardashian (who he calls his muse) and is known for being the king of contouring. His looks have been featured in almost every magazine possible and every major red carpet event. He is the “Master” behind the Master Palette, and we could not think of a better name for a palette designed by such an iconic makeup artist.

When he announced that he chose Anastasia Beverly Hills as the brand that he worked on his palette with, we were beyond pleased with his choice. Anastasia Beverly Hills isn’t known just for their brow products anymore. ABH is now known for their pigmentation, color range and the texture of their products.


Our first impression with the palette was the exterior of the palette. Mario kept it simple with a black base and gold details. The palette has magnetic closure and comes with a dual shadow-blending brush. There are twelve colors inside that were hand selected by Mario himself. Throughout the process of making this palette, Mario repeatedly said that he approved each of the shadow’s pigmentation and texture before the finalization of the palette. Each of the twelve shadows were named after a place or a woman that inspires Mario.


THE COLORS! ugh. so beautiful. Mario chose colors that he is known for in his eyeshadow looks. The palette itself is very warm and gold based with mostly neutral colors. To our surprise, there are only three matte shadows included in this palette: Lula, Isabel and Violeta. To be honest, that is the only feature that we would change to this palette. If you do not like a warmer toned palette with jewel toned features, then this palette is NOT for you. From left to right, starting at the top row

HOLLYWOOD: metallic gold

NYC: a rich, very warm brown

KIM: a tan metallic

MUSE: a deep rose gold

MARINA: champagne shimmer

CLAUDIA: a slate blue-gray

LULA: a soft taupe, matte finish 

ISABEL: burnt orange, matte finish

VIOLETTA: deep brown, matte finish

5TH AVE: gold metallic shimmer

BRONX: olive metallic shimmer

PARIS: brown metallic shimmer


SWATCHES WITH FLASH: When you describe the colors it seems as if there are not enough differentiation between the colors, but that is WRONG. Once you swatch them, you will see that the colors are very different. The three matte colors (LULA, ISABEL, VIOLETTA) are all essential colors in eyeshadow. Lula’s matte taupe is the perfect color for contouring your eyes. Isabel and Violetta are also great colors for the crease in your eyes and bring definition and warmth to any eyeshadow look.

There’s something about Bronx that almost anyone would just love. It is such a universally flattering shade of green. Likewise to Bronx, Claudia is another jewel tone color that is a standout amongst the rest of the colors. This color can be manipulated to be a subtle pop of blue, or a deeper slate gray.

Side note: this palette needs very little to go a long way. It is extremely pigmented. 

Every color is usable and versatile. This palette is truly a palette of essential colors for the perfect gold eye.



The Master Palette by Mario retails for $45. It is a limited edition product so it is not currently sold at Sephora. We highly recommend this product and we are so beyond happy that this met our extremely high expectations. This product has been the muse of many YouTube videos right now, so there are so many looks that can be replicated once this palette is bought. Mario’s instagram, @makeupbymario is also filled with looks made by this palette. The hype is real. We promise you. 


Janet & Samantha

6 thoughts on “Master Palette by Mario: love at first swatch

  1. so sad! we know so many people who weren’t able to get this palette before it ran out… hopefully ABH will surprise us and release another batch for the holiday season… good luck, babe!


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