layers upon layers

It’s that time of year again: layering season. Winter is a beloved fashion season amongst many because of the ability to layer. Suddenly that bodysuit that you bought during the summer is perfect underneath the cardigan you just bought for the winter. Or, the coat you bought matches perfectly with your favorite little black dress and over the knee boots…

We love winter fashion for its mixture of textures too. Tweed, leather and cashmere are just a few textures that can be played around with during the winter. I mean, which other season lets you get away with sequins and gigantic faux fur coats at the same time? Exactly. Winter is special. There’s something about a statement jacket that just gives you a bad ass feeling while walking down Manhattan. We don’t know what it is, but we know we don’t want to question it.

We chose to center this story around layering (but, now maybe we’ll do a fun story with a mixture of fun winter textures… we’re thinking sequins now…). Layering is the easiest way to get the most out of your wardrobe. Everything suddenly becomes a piece into a larger outfit idea in your head.



I am a self-proclaimed lover of layering. Winter is definitely my favorite season for fashion, and I always buy pieces together just to layer them. My turtleneck sweater is from forever 21 and I decided to layer a statement necklace from H&M underneath. I added a cuff from Forever 21 and wore it over my sleeve. My tweed jacket is Kenneth Cole and my booties are from Vince Camuto. I found my hair inspiration on pinterest and decided to give it a try. I bought blonde bobby pins, so that the shape would stand out against my darker hair. It’s such a little detail, but I really loved how it looked. It’s such a cheap and simple way to dress up your hair. I also have been obsessed with flare jeans lately and wore my pair from Zara.

xx Samantha

Unlike Sam, I do not like dressing for the winter. At all. I do love winter fashion, but I much rather just throw on a dress and some sandals and keep it simple. I tend to be that person that pushes their summer wardrobe for as long as possible until they finally succumb to the cold. Sadly, that time is now, so I bought a dope cape from Zara to ease my transition a bit. I love this cape because of the faux fur trim, but mostly because it’s like a giant blanket. It’s also really easy to throw on with anything which makes layering easy for a novice like me. I paired it with this turtle neck from Express that I got during black Friday. I finished off my look with some high waisted blue jeans from Urban Outfitters and my black leather booties from Nine West.

xx Janet

photos by Jessica Azevedo

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