Lux For Less

There’s no better feeling than when you expect something to be super expensive, but it turns out to be in your budget.

Especially, if you are two college students on a budget that just started a fashion blog… 

Anyways, we were in the city the other day for an event when we stumbled upon a Goodwill near Greenwich Village. We are self-proclaimed lovers of a good deal, so obviously we walked in. If you have never shopped at a Goodwill then you are missing out. We have to admit, thrift stores take A LOT of patience and persistence. However, we never walk out of one empty handed. In this instance, we walked out with this dope over-sized faux fur jacket from Zara. For $30!!!!!

yes. $30. so amazing.


I knew that I wanted to go for a luxurious look with a mixture of different textures. So, I paired my Zara jacket from Goodwill with a velvet long sleeved bodysuit from Twenty5A. This bodysuit is so flattering and sucks everything in. I love it for layering like I did in this look, but I also wore it out a few days after to a club. I wore my all time favorite black jeans from Forever21. I’ll never get over the fact that these jeans are only $18. I just knew I had to incorporate these jeans because they’re one of my favorite affordable finds. Lastly, I wore my suede sock booties from Vince Camuto. If you want a cheaper alternative to these booties, check out our post dedicated entirely to sock booties (we have a bunch of options). 

xx Janet

I wanted to highlight these leather pants with a lace up detail that I recently got from Twenty5A. I have so many looks in my head for these pants, so be prepared to see them a lot on this blog for this winter. I was going for a laid back street style vibe, so I paired it with an oversized black sweater with a rip detail on the side. I finished up my look with a pair of white converse.  

xx Samantha

We really hope that you give thrift stores a chance if you’ve never been to one. We love Goodwill and Unique on Long Island in Westbury. There’s also a bunch in Manhattan and Brooklyn (but they’re not that inexpensive to be honest). We hope you all get the same feeling that we did when we found this Zara jacket.

xx Moda Duo

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